If you have not done much reading lately, now is always a good time to catch up. Or you can wait for your vacation to get to it. Grab that book you have been meaning to read but have not found the time to. Enjoy a pleasant break at home or in your travel destinations as you make the most of your vacation time. Here are some ideas on how to get you started on your goal to read more.

Make a list of the books you want to read
There is nothing like a goal written down to inspire action. For this reason, a reading checklist is a great way to motivate or remind you of all those books you have been thinking of reading. If you are going away on your vacation, you can add a book or two on your packing list. Or you can add a visit to the public library in your destination on your to-do list and do some reading there.

Keep a book handy
Whether you are planning a staycation or a trip somewhere, you need to make sure that you have some reading materials around you at all times. This makes it easier to get down to reading once you are done with the other things you need to do. It can be a stack of books if you are just staying home or e-books for your convenience when you are on the road.

Invest on an ebook reader
An e-book reader makes it easier for you to carry around several good reads while traveling. You can prepare your vacation reads by downloading all the books that are on your book list as well as some new titles that you would like to have your hands on. You can use the time spent waiting at airports or while in transit during your trips.

End your day with a bit of reading
Reading is a great way to end your day. Make use of the thirty minutes before your bedtime to catch up on some reading. You can practice this habit even while on vacation. You should be able to get more reading done if you keep it up every day.

Reward yourself for every book you finish
You get a sense of accomplishment when you finish a book especially if you are constantly busy. You can give yourself a pat in the back by giving yourself a reward or treat. This is one of the reasons why many readers prefer reading one book at a time. Completing one book at a time on your checklist can encourage you to read more.


jumpstarting creativity

Creativity is found everywhere, from the tallest skyscraper in the city to the shortest bridge in the village. Creativity is found in everyone, from those who are looking to improve their craft to the next level to those who are looking to learn their craft from the very basics.

Creativity is also found in everything, from the oval-shaped plate you use when eating meals to the rope-like taper you use when celebrating birthdays. Creativity is also found in everything you do, from the moment you post a status on your Facebook wall to the moment you paint a wall in your new house.

As for jumpstarting your creativity everywhere, in everyone, in everything, and in everything we do…well, here are some places where you can do it:

In Front Of A Window

There’s a reason why most people in the home industry suggests having study tables and coffee tables, even kitchen counters or dining tables, in front of a window – or at least near a window. This is because windows offer a much-needed change of perspective not just for yourself, but also for those around you. You will see the clear skies or the fluffy clouds. You will also see birds flying high and trees swaying gracefully – all of which can jumpstart your creativity in the most inspiring way possible.

In Co-Working Spaces

Remote workers or digital nomads, this is especially for you. Let’s say, you’re struggling on a client presentation for tomorrow. The best thing you can do to jumpstart your creativity? Go where professionals like you meet, to inspire more and to learn more (e.g. co-working spaces). You can either join discussions there, just to inspire more through your own experiences, or attend seminars there, just to learn more about that goal you’re looking to achieve in your field of expertise.