jumpstarting creativity

Creativity is found everywhere, from the tallest skyscraper in the city to the shortest bridge in the village. Creativity is found in everyone, from those who are looking to improve their craft to the next level to those who are looking to learn their craft from the very basics.

Creativity is also found in everything, from the oval-shaped plate you use when eating meals to the rope-like taper you use when celebrating birthdays. Creativity is also found in everything you do, from the moment you post a status on your Facebook wall to the moment you paint a wall in your new house.

As for jumpstarting your creativity everywhere, in everyone, in everything, and in everything we do…well, here are some places where you can do it:

In Front Of A Window

There’s a reason why most people in the home industry suggests having study tables and coffee tables, even kitchen counters or dining tables, in front of a window – or at least near a window. This is because windows offer a much-needed change of perspective not just for yourself, but also for those around you. You will see the clear skies or the fluffy clouds. You will also see birds flying high and trees swaying gracefully – all of which can jumpstart your creativity in the most inspiring way possible.

In Co-Working Spaces

Remote workers or digital nomads, this is especially for you. Let’s say, you’re struggling on a client presentation for tomorrow. The best thing you can do to jumpstart your creativity? Go where professionals like you meet, to inspire more and to learn more (e.g. co-working spaces). You can either join discussions there, just to inspire more through your own experiences, or attend seminars there, just to learn more about that goal you’re looking to achieve in your field of expertise.